What is listed

Back on to the topic of wine labelling, or lack there of. As we know, wine and other alcohol is exempt from having to label the ingredients on their bottles. However, there are certain allergens and additives that must be declared on any ‘food’ product. These are the allergens that are relevant or most commonly seen on wine bottles.

Egg and egg products

You will see this when egg white has been used as a processing aid. It is used in the fining stage of a wine and also is added to help control bacteria

Fish and fish products

Isinglass, the most common fish product used, is obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish. It is used as a clarification agent in wines.

Milk and Milk products

This is used when milk has been used in fining a wine.

Added sulphites

Sulpher is added to most wines. It is a synthetic compound, but it is also produced naturally by yeast in the fermentation process. It is added to stabilise wines so they can be stored and kept without spoiling. Many people are allergic to sulphur, so it can only be addd to a level of 250ppm.

Tree nuts and sesame seeds

Tannin is sometimes added to wines. Again tannin occurs naturally, but sometimes more is needed. It is often made from tree nuts and or sesame seeds.

Again , what strikes me as interesting in regards to the labelling debate is why should only these allergens be labeled and not all additives used, as we see in food products? I understand that these allergens can potentially harm someone who comes in to contact with them, but why are we not given the choice as a consumer to know beyond these allergens, the additives used in making a wine?

What do you think?

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