Mental Notes Review 2

So what has this got to do with the issue of wine labeling in Australia?


Mental Notes was an opportunity for a group of wine lovers to come together and taste, enjoy and talk over some truly exciting and vibrant wines, which are a true reflection of their vintage and the terroir the vineyards are grown upon. This is a far cry from some conventional wines, which again mask a wine with additives to replicate previous vintages, or to achieve a pre determined flavour profile.

Wine and wine events are typically cast in a stereotype that conjures up notions of elitism and superiority. Mental Notes and the crowd that attended really broke this stereotype I thought, and created a feeling of fun and excitement. All the winemakers were approachable and friendly, again a far cry from the traditional stereotype often cast over wine, wine makers and wine drinkers. I think a person with little to no knowledge would have been about to walk in and feel comfortable in the environment.

As my interest in wine and viticulture continues to grow, events like Mental Notes really drive home why wine is something that is enjoyed, and has been enjoyed by so many around the globe for so long. It really is an exciting time for wine, particularly natural and biodynamic wine in Australia, and Mental Notes really embodied this feeling. I think the turn out also highlights that this millennial generation in particular cares a lot about where their wine comes from and in particular how it is being made.


The next wine event to showcase natural and biodynamic wines is Rootstock, which runs from the 25th-26th of November at Carriageworks in Sydney. I for one am really looking forward to this event, and I think many other people are too. This is another chance to advocate and push for wines which advocate for responsible growing and making practices, and an opportunity to further introduce people to what I think is a very exciting movement.

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