Why I love natural wine part 1

Why I love natural wine.


I first tried a natural wine I think back somewhere around 2012. If my memory serves me correctly, it was a natural wine produced by Harkham winery located up in the Hunter Valley. I remember my initial reaction to the taste, texture, and aroma being one that many people experiencing natural wine for the first time have; I found it to be quite unpleasant. The taste, texture and smell were like nothing I had ever been exposed to before. Until that point I had only ever drank more conventional style wines and I had enjoyed them.


I remember in my head thinking that natural and biodynamic wine was horrible and how could people drink this stuff. Fortunately, this experience spiked an intrigue in me, and as much as I did not like it then, I wanted to know more and fortunately as my palette grew and changed, so did my thoughts and approach to these wines. Some 5 years later and older, I have well and truly acquired a passion, interest and respect for these wines and their winemakers.

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