Why I love natural wine part 2

Fortunately for me, I have worked for almost a decade now in various popular and well regarded restaurants across Sydney, which has allowed me the unbearable task of having to taste a lot of different both natural and conventional wines. My thoughts on the taste, texture and aroma of natural wines has done a 180 compared to 5 years earlier. I find these wines to be exciting, vibrant, fresh, thought and emotion provoking, which in my opinion is very different to that of some of the more conventional styles of wine.


These wines tell a story. As my knowledge of wine has grown, I have come to appreciate more and more the story these wines tell of the earth they have grown from. The nuances of taste and aroma in natural wines convey a truthful and unadulterated story, which I think sometimes conventional wines seem to lack. I think that this story also can be attributed the winemakers themselves, who very often are very interesting, exciting and inspiring people. Their attitudes, beliefs and sometimes madness are all in full display in these wines. Just take Nicolas Joly as an example.


The more I have read in to the labeling of wine debate in Australia, I have come to better understand one of the biggest issues with conventional winemaking practices. That is the widespread use of chemical sprays and additives used in the growing of vineyards and also in the final adjustments of wine. This I think has detrimental effects on both our own health, but also on the health of the earth, which for the most part I believe we really take for granted. I have said it before, but the conventional side of winemaking practices is unsustainable and need to be put under the microscope more by the general public as we hold the power in making a change.


This is merely a personal opinion and I am not saying through this piece that either conventional or natural wine is better than the other. There are shining examples on both categories, and equally some truly terrible ones.



This is why I love natural wine.




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